Whether you are an instrumentalist, musical theater performer, or opera singer, I will be able to help with your piano accompaniment.  Those who have ever auditioned or performed know that a good accompanist, who understands how to follow your lead, can make or break your performance!


I have coached, trained, and accompanied a wide variety of performers in all genres of music from soloists to large ensembles.  Sight-reading, transposition, following and on-the-spot musical changes are all no problem!  Feel secure in your performance knowing you have a caring musician accompanying you.

Piano Performance

Available to perform in all styles and genres of music for:

  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Ceremonies
  • or any other event!
Piano Lessons

No matter your age or experience level, it is never too late to learn to play piano!  Lessons can be scheduled regularly, or occasionally for either 30 minutes, or 1 hour.  Lessons can be geared towards:

  • Traditional Piano Method

  • Rock/Pop Performance Basics

  • Self-Accompaniment for Singers

  • Jazz Improvisation Fundamentals

Composition Lessons

Whether you are more interested in the craft of putting together pieces of music, or seeking to find your own unique voice, Composition Lessons will help you to harness your creativity and display your music.

  • Lessons include learning music fundamentals, music writing, film scoring, music technology and more!

Music Theory / Ear Training Lessons

Both Music Theory and Ear Training can be intimidating for new and experienced musicians alike.  For students first attending college, these mandatory courses can be a great cause of stress.  You can learn these vital musical concepts and practices in a safe, fun, and comfortable setting.


      -  John Ross Jesensky







John Ross Jesensky
John Ross Jesensky
John Ross Jesensky